Simone Lord

Hi, my name is Simone and I’m excited to be starting my journey in the fitness industry being apart of the Pulse Squad!


I have been going to gyms for the best part of 10 years without ever really feeling accomplished in getting to a goal or feeling fulfilled and satisfied with the daily routine I was completing. Years of striving to better myself and yo-yo dieting saw me really just give up and feel defeated that maybe I just had ‘bad genes?!’

After the birth of my first son I felt lost as to what I did for fitness now - the gym I used to go to didn’t cater for children so I did my best to exercise at home and eat well with my own motivation and determination. I was fortunate enough to loose that baby weight and then my second baby boy was on the way! After he was born I felt desperate to get that weight off once again and I wanted to meet someone in the same situation as me to go through the journey with.

To this very day I am still so incredibly grateful for finding out about Pulse Fitness! I am proudly one of the very first members of the Pulse Squad, and through Emily’s guidance and support I became fitter and stronger than I have EVER been in my whole life, which felt AMAZING… I can’t preach enough about what exercise does for your mind as well as your body.


So then came along pregnancy and baby boy #3!! I was so motivated by my fellow Pulse Warrior Women that I thought I want to do more than just be apart of this group – I want to help inspire and train these women too! So here I am on my journey back to the healthiest version of me - I have 3 boys under 5 years old.

I am passionate and excited to see where I can help you to reach your goals in being the best version of yourself.


I love working out HARD, inspiring others to push through their barriers with a little bit of love of weights and CrossFit style workouts, chuck in a good playlist and well, this has just made my day!! 

Certificate IV in Fitness / Personal Training 

Certificate III in Fitness / Gym Instructor  

​First Aid Certification

CPR Certification (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation)



Registered & Insured with Fitness Australia 

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