Leonie Davies

5 years ago I never thought that fitness would become a part of my daily routine, but boy am I glad it has! 

Since then I decided to take it one step further by making it a part of my career so I could learn and grow in something that makes me happy.

To me fitness is my outlet, where I go to clear my mind and get that boost that I need to stay mentally and physically strong.

I love helping others with their fitness journeys and proving to them that anything is possible. There is nothing more satisfying then watching someone change their life in a positive way and reach their goals.

Personally I do not believe there is any quick fix when it comes to your health and fitness. No fad diets, 6 minute abs or pill you can take that will get you the lasting results you want. However I do believe in HARD WORK. “persistence, performance and passion” will get you where you want to be and make you feel incredible along the way.

I enjoy all types of training I guess I am a bit of a ‘gym junkie’. I’ll give anything a go. Particularly I enjoy high intensity functional training and weight/strength training. I love pushing myself to limits and watching myself grow and improve. But I am also all about balance, sometimes life gets in the way and it’s ok to take a break, not be so hard on yourself and enjoy everything life throws at you.

Certificate IV in Fitness / Personal Training 

Certificate III in Fitness / Gym Instructor 

Certificate in Boxing skills & fitness with the sports science of boxing

HIIT Boxing & Kickboxing for metabolic conditioning 

​First Aid Certification

CPR Certification (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation)

Working with children certificate

"I love being a strong, confident woman"



Registered & Insured with Fitness Australia 

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