Chloe Elizabeth

Chloe brings her traditional Hatha Yoga teachings back to us from India where she studied with the masters on the beach of Goa.

Her beautiful Yoga flow leaves students feeling balanced and revitalised, ready to deal with the busyness of every day life.  

Chloe lives, breathes and radiates a calm mindfulness that creates a unique experience throughout her classes and is a true ambassador of her craft by furthering her passion with a bachelor of health science in nutrition and dietetic medicine.

I am honoured that this talented, inspiring woman brings her gift of Yoga to pulse fitness to guide us in this beautiful practice and allow us to align body, mind and spirit.​​

​"You don’t have to be flexible to practice -

flexibility is the result of the practice."

​​“...Yoga feels good – it feels good on the surface all the way down to your soul. It nourishes every ounce of your being. It challenges you and helps you to grow on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Hatha yoga helps us bring balance into our yang dominated lives. It helps us to slow down and connect to ourselves and the world around us.

It’s a beautiful practice for anyone (of any age and fitness level) and will complement any form of training and all areas of your life."



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