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Taking the stress, energy, time and effort out of family meal planning so you can spend it doing the things you love! 

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Meal plan for the week ahead

Budget-savvy shopping lists

Recipes the whole family will love (even the fussy ones!)  

Food preparation guide

Weekly tips to save you time, money and stress

BONUS healthy lunch-box ideas for the kids

All your family meal planning done for you so you can spend time doing things you want!


My name is Emily and I run a Functional Training Facility for women on the South Coast of Australia. 

I am also a mum of an extremely energetic 6 year old and 12 month old twins. 

Throughout my years of coaching I have found that busy mums - like myself - often struggle to plan, prepare and come up with new, fresh & healthy meals for their family. Every. Single. Day.

There's nothing worse than getting home from work and having to become the family chef to whip up the daily dinner masterpiece. Not to mention when you're met with kid's groans when they see it's baked beans for the fourth day in a row!

Racing around last minute can be so stressful and - more often than not - our choices often end up being far from healthy! 

Sometimes drive-through or take-aways just feel like the quickest, easiest option and all you've got the energy left for. 


I hear you sista! This is why I created the Meal Planning Project. For you! 

Taking the stress, energy, time & effort out of your family meals so you can spend it doing the things you love!

How does it work?

Each Friday you receive your meal plan, shopping list, recipes and prep instructions for the week ahead.


All done for you! 

You can print the weekly menu so the whole family can see what's on their plates for the week, or you can simply work through it directly from your phone or device.

Now, I can't physically do your grocery shopping for you BUT! If you're like me and find pushing a double pram AND pulling a supermarket trolley near impossible, then 'click & collect' your groceries or get them delivered. Done! 

I will walk you through your weekly meal prep. We incorporate fresh, short-shelf-life groceries along with those that freeze well so you are covered for every meal through the week.

No more struggling to come up with new ideas which the whole family will eat.

No more racing around stressing to put together last-minute dinners.

No more frantic morning rush throwing random things in to lunch boxes.

Printable weekly meal plan with options to suit your personal and/or dietary preferences. 

Choice of breakfasts & snacks to suit your crazy-busy day.


Pantry staples checklist so you're not over-spending at the store!


My 'smart' money-saving grocery list, ready to shop and prep for the week ahead.

Quick, simple, fresh & healthy recipes from stove-top to plate in under 30 minutes. 

Private Facebook page for support, sharing, inspiration and to chat about what is working for you.

PLUS if you register today I will also share with you...

My own personal cheat sheet to keep those school lunch boxes packed with new and fresh ideas

Tips on how to fool fussy little eaters (tried & tested on my 6 year old!) 


A weekly plan and prep for school lunches EVERY WEEK!


No contract / Cancel anytime

'Everything is done for you!'

'Easy to follow, practical and perfect for busy Mums'

'Real food for real families'

Get your time back and spend it doing the things you love! 

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